Music and My Art…

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Mozart, Joni Mitchell, Daft Punk, Bon Iver, Gloria Gaynor, Lester Young,  Hank Williams, Faithless. What do these diverse artists have in common?

They are all on my various playlists when I paint at the studio.

I have to listen to music while I paint. I am not alone in this. A lot of painters do it. Fortunately at my shared studio we have similar tastes in music!!

There is something inextricably linked between the act of painting and music.It helps me concentrate and move across the canvas with more assurance and confidence.

There is the excitement and anticipation as I choose my playlist. My inner DJ comes out…what will it be today?

Sometimes an artist’s whole album (mp3, cd whatever they are called) will catch me and inspire me for a while. Usually for a set of paintings.

All part of the ritual.

What do you do to keep motivated at work?  Music, silence, talk radio – something else?

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One Response to “Music and My Art…”

  1. rosie

    Dido – think you know that one!!
    only play it over and over when you two are out of the way, so as not to drive you mad!


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