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Last Year In Amsterdam

It’s a new year and a new blog! I am going back to last year for my first one of the year to revisit a moment I don’t want to forget! There aren’t many places you can get on a plane from Inverness and just be there. One of them is Amsterdam and my husband… Read more »

Iggy Pop and Me

I love Iggy Pop! I have been listening to him every week for many months here at the studio. He has a music programme on BBC 6. A true original, he plays wonderfully eclectic music from his personal collection as well as newer music he hears and likes. The programme is themed each week (ie. Animal… Read more »

The Original Selfie

When any exhibition finishes there is always a regrouping. Often, as I decide where my painting will go next, I will paint self portraits. It only requires a mirror. That’s why so many artists do it. It’s not vanity for me – looking at myself is not my favourite pastime!! But it is always a challenge,… Read more »

Cromarty Group

At the moment I am currently exhibiting with my fellow artists and friends in the Cromarty Group Exhibition at the Stables where my studio is located here in Cromarty. We are all artists from in and around Cromarty and get together for a week a year to exhibit out work. I am the ‘newbie’ amongst… Read more »

Rediscovering An Artist While Visiting Friends…

I love rediscovering artists I had forgotten about!  While visiting my friend in Toronto, I picked up a book on the Canadian painter, Mary Pratt. Mary Pratt and her husband were at art school together in the 1950s in New Brunswick. She was told by one of her instructors that if two artists were married… Read more »

Stopping In Interesting Places

People will often ask me how I know when a painting is done? I tell them that I stop and put it aside and if I don’t touch it for a couple of months – it is ready. I use the word ‘ready’ as I don’t think any painting is ever really finished. It has… Read more »